Friday, June 15, 2012


The morning i was about to fly over the Nazca lines. i ate a huge breakfast, but when i was on the flight i saw it again. 4szxanow my body says I'm full when i wake up so now i can't eat breakfast here. after the Nazca lines we went to a pyramid outside the city i was still sick from the flight not even a hour ago but i was still able to see the pyramid. after Nazca we went to Arequipa and saw the Colca Canyon which has Condors, Alpacas, and Llamas inhabiting it. After returning to the city we spent the night at ours hostel and of this morning we are leaving for Puno.


  1. Be careful with your health through all consumption now. You've been out of the country a long time and need to make sure you intake a lot of "clear" fluids (bear is ok :)..).. and you should try your best to prep your own food now for the remaining 2 weeks (peel orange, cut avocado, get apples buy nuts) or explain why you cannot. Is there a fresh native egg a lot veg a meat or fruit? MORE PICS ?LOVE THE BLOG!

  2. So was it a good enough breakfast for a replay? Have fun, love your blogs, I am pretty homesick for you boys, so wwrite more often please! muah G-ma

  3. Yes and as for the first bleary eyed comment when the writer couldn't sleep. This 1 knows nothing about foreign travel or food along the way, just admiring your courage and adventure. Please accept it as an expression of hope that nothing poses a hazards to your health along the way!